May 2021 minutes

Minutes of the Swift Current Branch Library Board

May 5, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Virtual meeting via ZOOM

In Attendance: Courtney Stewart, Ann Stewardson, Katherine Bristow,  Colleen Penner, Sharon Uteck,  Peggy Drinkle, Rhonda Forster, Tanya Selk, Ryan Switzer

Regrets:  Larry Kielo, Andrea McCrimmon

Guests:    Kathryn Foley, Director Chinook Regional Library

1.     The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Courtney Stewart

2      Motion to approve the agenda as amended

                                                                                Motion:  Katherine Bristow

                                                                                Second:  Sharon Uteck



3.    Motion to approve the minutes of the April 14, 2021 meeting as circulated

Motion:  Tanya Selk

                                                                             Second:   Ryan Switzer




      a. 2021-04-21 Follow up to SCLB Letter of Recommendations to CRLB

      b. 2021-04-23 Gmail – Book Club

      c. 2021-04-27 Gmail – re SCLB recommendations

      d. 2021-04-28 Gmail – Desiree Unvoas Resignation

      e. 2021-04-29 Gmail – Office in the conference room

      f.  2021-04-29 Letter to the Board from Dawn Stark

5.   Old Business

      a. Fundraisers

 i. Book Nook Update

    -May 16 is the date that the weeded books will be removed from the old office building;

    Colleen and Peggy to meet Kathryn on Monday May 10 at 5:15 to choose books before they

    are picked up

ii. Plant Fundraiser

     -18 spider plants have been planted by Courtney

iii. Adopt a Book

     -no report

iv. Book Ball

     -provide ideas to Tanya

v.   Book Sale

      -will be planned for October 16

      -Colleen will book the date with the mall

vi. 50/50

      -discussion; previous records will be reviewed before tickets are printed

     b. letter to funeral homes

         -report provided by Ann

         -the current form needs to be amended specifically for funeral homes; they would make copies and

          leave them by the guest books at funerals

         -Ann and Courtney will write a letter to the funeral homes

         -discussion about having information listed indicating where donations need to be sent

     c. Budget for 2021

         -Adopt a Book goes to purchase bestsellers

         -Courtney will reach out to the staff regarding their priorities for financial support

     d. Recommendations from SCLB to Chinook Regional Board

         -Andrea on leave until August 3

         -there have been no conversations with Andrea by the Regional Board or by Kathryn

      e. Conference Room Renovation

          -previously approved at the board level

6.    New Business          

        a. Resignation of Desiree Unvoas

            Motion “It is with regret that the Swift Current Library Board accepts the resignation of Desiree

            Unvoas as a member of the board”

                                                                                Motion:  Sharon Uteck

                                                                                Second:   Ann Stewardson



        b. Sage Hill Writers’ Workshop

             Motion “that the Swift Current Library Board pays for the Sage Hill Workshop for 2020 and 2021

            (July 19-23) to a maximum cost of $560.00”

                                                                                Motion:  Courtney Stewart

                                                                                Second:   Katherine Bristow



        c. Book Club

    Motion “that the board pays for the current book club selection at a cost of $159.90 (10 copies)

    at which time the books would be placed in the book club collection”

                                                                                Motion:  Sharon Uteck

                                                                                Second:  Ryan Switzer



       d. Request to Dawn Stark to attend board meetings

           -Courtney and Kathryn will correspond with Dawn

7.    Reports

        a. Bank Statements

            Motion to accept the April bank statement as presented                  

                                                                                Motion:  Tanya Selk

                                                                                Second:   Peggy Drinkle



         b. Branch Report

 -report provided by Kathryn Foley (due to the absence to be of Andrea McCrimmon)

                -report attached

         c. Regional Board Report 

 -oral report provided by Ann Stewardson, Sharon Uteck, and Ryan Switzer

         d. City Report

               -oral report provided by Ryan Switzer 

          Motion to accept the reports as presented

                      Motion:  Colleen Penner

                       Second:   Rhonda Forster



8.    In Camera Meeting

Motion to move to an in camera meeting     

Motion:  Courtney Stewart

                                                                        Second:   Tanya Selk


Motion to arise from the in camera meeting

                                                                        Motion:  Katherine Bristow

                                                                        Second:    Ryan Switzer


9.   Motion “that the Swift Current Library Board write a letter to the city of Swift Current requesting a meeting with Ryan Switzer, Tim Marcus and Mayor Al Bridal to discuss issues in the relationship between the local library board and the Chinook Regional Board”

                                                                                Motion:  Katherine Bristow

                                                                                Second:   Ann Stewardson



10.   Meeting Adjourned at 9:12 p.m.

Motion:  Peggy Drinkle


Next Meeting: June 2,  2021  @  7:00 pm   

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