April 2021 minutes

Minutes of the Swift Current Branch Library Board

April 14, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Virtual meeting via ZOOM

In Attendance: Courtney Stewart, Ann Stewardson, Katherine Bristow, Larry Kielo, Colleen Penner, Sharon Uteck,  Peggy Drinkle, Rhonda Forster, Tanya Selk, Ryan Switzer

Regrets:  Andrea McCrimmon, Desiree Unvoas

Guests:    Kathryn Foley, Director Chinook Regional Library

1.     The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Courtney Stewart

2      Motion to approve the agenda as amended

                                                                                Motion:  Katherine Bristow

                                                                                Second:  Larry Kielo



3.  Motion to approve the minutes of the March 3, 2021 meeting as circulated

Motion:  Peggy Drinkle

                                                                             Second:  Sharon Uteck




      a. SCLB letter of recommendations to CRLB dated March 9, 2021

                i) acknowledgement by Charlene Orr dated March 9, 2021

                ii) acknowledgement by Kathryn Foley dated March 9, 2021

                iii) followup by Kathryn Foley dated March 17, 2021

       b. email from Kathryn Foley regarding support for CELA and NNELS dated March 11, 2021

       c.  email to Kathryn Foley regarding change of library hours dated March 24

                i) reply from Kathryn Foley dated March 24

       d.  email from Kathryn Foley regarding library closure March 29-30 due to storm

       e.  email from Heather Benning regarding conference room renovation

                i) sketch

       f.  email from Dawn Stark

5.   Old Business

      a. Fundraisers

 i. Book Nook Update

  -books have been delivered to Mental Health and Salvation Army           

iii. Adopt-a-Book

 -several books have been “adopted”

iii. Plant Fundraiser

 -no date has been selected

-further discussion at the May meeting

iv.  Book Ball


     b. letter to funeral homes

           -Ann Stewardson will take on this endeavor

      c. Budget for 2021


6.    New Business          

        a. AGM


        b. recommendations from SCLB to CRLB

             -there has been no correspondence from Charlene Orr, Chair of CRLB

     -a second letter will be sent asking for a timely response regarding any actions from our

              recommendations and a request for a meeting date to occur as soon as possible, where Andrea

             and Kathryn, will meet  together with a  third party

        c. city budget

             -there will be a three percent increase to funding for the local library

        d. birdhouse distribution

     -financial support from ACT for the purchase of birdhouses which will be given to interested

     patrons; the city will put these in city parks

        e. financial processes

                i) request from Dawn Stark regarding bank deposits

                   -the board is comfortable with other staff making bank deposits

                ii) in the future Courtney will provide a financial report at each board meeting

        f. library programming and spending

-summer reading has been budgeted and a request will be made to Kiwanis regarding funding for other programs

                -the local board may fund certain programs as well; no decision has been made

        g. Change of library hours

                -discussion regarding proper procedure regarding changes to library hours of operation; in the

                 future these requests should be approved by the local board prior to hours changing

                -Motion that beginning April 9, 2021 Friday hours at the Swift Current Library to be 9:00 am to

                5:00 pm

                                                                                                Motion:                   Courtney Stewart

                                                                                                Second:    Rhonda Forster



                –these hours to be reviewed in September

        h. Conference Room renovation

                -Motion that the board is in agreement with proposed renovations to the existing Conference


                                                                                                Motion:  Sharon Uteck

                                                                                                Second:  Larry Kielo



                –suggested that if additional space were found to store the tables currently stored in the

                Conference Room the renovated space would still allow for programming space and meetings

7.    Reports

        a. Bank Statements

 i. Motion to accept the December 2020 bank statement as presented                   

                                                                                                Motion:  Peggy Drinkle

                                                                                                Second:  Larry Kielo



                ii. Motion to accept the March 2021 bank statement as presented

                                                                                                Motion:  Ann Stewardson

                                                                                                Second:  Ryan Switzer



         b. Branch Report

 -report provided by Kathryn Foley (due to the absence to be of Andrea McCrimmon)

                -report attached

         c. Regional Board Report  

 -oral report provided by Ann Stewardson, Sharon Uteck, and Ryan Switzer

         d. City Report

               -oral report provided by Ryan Switzer 

         Motion to accept the reports as presented

                                      Motion:  Courtney Stewart

                                       Second:   Katherine Bristow



8.    In Camera Meeting

Motion to move to an in camera meeting     

Motion:  Peggy Drinkle

                                                                                        Second:   Tanya  Selk


Motion to arise from the in camera meeting

                                                                                        Motion:                   Ryan Switzer


9.   Meeting Adjourned at 8:52 p.m.

Motion:   Courtney Stewart


Next Meeting: May 5,  2021  @  7:00 pm   

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