September 2020 Minutes

Minutes of the Swift Current Branch Library Board
September 2, 2020 @ Swift Current Library/Via Zoom
In Attendance: Courtney Stewart, Tanya Selk, Andrea McCrimmon, Colleen Penner, Bruce Deg, Sharon Utek, Rhonda Forester, Larry Kielo, Kim Shepherd, Ann Stewardson
Regrets: Kathrine Bristow, Peggy Drinkle

  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m by Chair Courtney Stewart
  2. Motion to Approve the Agenda as circulated
    Motion: Larry Kielo
    Second: Bruce Deg
  3. Motion to Approve Minutes of the July 2020 Meeting
    Motion: Colleen Penner
    Second: Sharon Uteck
  4. Correspondence
    a. Letter from Community Living in regard to Yellow Donation Bin
  5. Old Business
    a. R.C. Dahl Centre Roof
    i. Roof above the front doorway has been repaired and the roof above the popular books has begun
    b. Fundraising
    i. Discussion of a possible plant fundraiser over Christmas. Interested members for planting day – Sharon, Colleen, Tanya, Courtney, Andrea
    c. Library Reopening
    i. All is going very well; patrons are happy to be able to come back in
    ii. Curbside pickup still being utilized3
  6. New Business
    a. Management Issues affecting Swift Current Branch Library Operations
    In Camera
    Motion: Ann Stewardson
    Second: Sharon Uteck
    Out of Camera
    Motion: Ann Stewardson
    Second: Bruce Deg
  7. Reports
    a. Regional Board Report
    i. No Report
    b. City Report
    i. Oral Report by Bruce Deg
    c. Branch Manager Report
    i. Report by Andrea McCrimmon
    ii. Report Attached
    Motion to accept reports as presented
    Motion: Larry Kielo
    Second: Tanya Selk
    d. Review Bank Statement
    i. No statement presented
  8. Next Meeting – Wednesday October 7, 2020 @ 7pm
  9. Meeting Adjourned at 8:14 pm
    Motion: Bruce Deg

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