February 2020 Minutes

Minutes of the Swift Current Branch Library Board

February 12, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

Swift Current Library

In Attendance: Courtney Stewart, Tanya Selk, Sharon Uteck, Bruce Deg, Andrea McCrimmon, Ann Stewardson,  Rhonda Forster, Peggy Drinkle, Katherine Bristow, Larry Kielo

Regrets: Colleen Penner, Kim Shepherd

1.     Meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by Chair Courtney Stewart

2.     Motion to approve the agenda as circulated

                                                                                Motion:   Bruce Deg

                                                                                Second:   Larry Kielo


3.    Motion to approve the minutes of the January 8, 2020 meeting as circulated

Motion:  Ann Stewardson

                                                                             Second:  Sharon Uteck


4.    Correspondence:

        -no correspondence              

5.    Old Business:

a.    Questions arising from January minutes 

        -no questions

b.    Safe Places

        -board members are reminded to bring their Safe Places cards to the AGM on March 4 for a photo

c.     Cypress Health Region Condom Availability Program


       d.    Update on Adopt-a-Book fundraiser

                -funds reissued from headquarters for the books that have been adopted thus far

       e.    Book Nook Update

                -no updates

6.    New Business:

       a. Late Fees and Fine Free February

                -patrons are taking advantage of this opportunity

7.   Reports:

       a. Regional Board Report  

                -oral report by Bruce Deg

                Motion to support holding a book sale in conjunction with the grand opening of the new

              Regional Office.

                                                                                Motion:  Tanya Selk

                                                                                Second:  Sharon Uteck


       b. City Report 

               -oral report by Bruce Deg

Motion for the Swift Current Library Board to write a letter to both the Premier of Saskatchewan and the Prime Minister in support of grant funding to build the multi integrated facility in Swift Current.

                                                                Motion:    Bruce Deg

                                                                Second:     Larry Kielo


       c.   Branch Manager Report

-Andrea McCrimmon’s report attached

             Motion to accept reports as presented

                      Motion:  Tanya Selk

                       Seconded:  Rhonda Forster


       d.   Review the January bank statement

             Motion to approve the bank statement as presented

                                                                                Motion:  Bruce Deg

                                                                                Seconded:  Katherine Bristow


8.  Next Meeting:

       Wed. March 4, 2020 @ 7pm (AGM)

9.  Meeting Adjourned at 7:48pm

                                                                                Motion:   Bruce Deg

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