October 2019 Minutes

Minutes of the Swift Current Branch Library Board

October 2, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

Swift Current Library

In Attendance: Peggy Drinkle, Tanya Selk,  Larry Kielo, Rhonda Forster, Sharon Uteck, Courtney Stewart, Bruce Deg, Andrea McCrimmon, Kim Shepherd

Regrets:   Ann Stewardson, Katherine Bristow, Colleen Penner

Guest:  Kacie Sherger from the Saskatchewan Health Authority

1.     Presentation:  Cypress Health Region Condom Availability Program – Presentation and Q&A

2.     Meeting was called to order at 6:59 p.m.  by Chair Courtney Stewart

3.     Motion to approve the agenda as circulated

                                                                                Motion:  Bruce Deg

                                                                                Second:  Tanya Selk


4.    Motion to approve the minutes of the September 4 meeting as circulated

Motion:  Tanya Selk

                                                                             Second:  Larry Kielo


5.    Correspondence:

        -no correspondence

6.    Old Business:

a.    Questions arising from September minutes 

i. Cypress Health Region Condom Availability Program

        Motion to approve the installation of condom dispensers in washrooms.

                                                                Motion:  Sharon Uteck

                                                                Second:  Rhonda Forster


-social media posts will outline the program and the reasons for it

2.  Safe Places Code & Letter for Criminal Record check

     -reminder to get this done; a copy will be kept at the library

b.    Update on Adopt-a-Book fundraiser – none

       c.     Book Nook Update

– Peggy has books for the Welcome Center and SW Crisis Services; waiting for a return phone call

       d.    Fall Booksale

                – October 19/20

                – paid advertising to be done on Facebook & Instagram; posters are available

                – check the work schedule/times sent out by email previously

7.   New Business:

       a.   Staff year-end party

              Motion to approve a budget of $400.00 for a library staff year end party

                                                                                Motion:  Bruce Deg

                                                                                Second: Rhonda Forster

8.  Reports:

       a. Regional Board Report  – Tanya Selk

              – June & September Executive Committee meetings attached

– Fall Chinook Regional Library Board meeting on November 2 at Trailview Alliance Church.          Everyone is welcome to attend

       b. City Report  – Bruce Deg

           – no report

       c.   Branch Manager Report – Andrea McCrimmon

           -report attached

             Motion to accept all reports as presented.

                      Motion:   Bruce Deg

                       Seconded:  Larry Kielo


       d.   Review the August bank statement

             Motion to approve the bank statement as presented

                                                                                Motion:  Peggy Drinkle

                                                                                Seconded:  Kim Shepherd


9.  Next Meeting:

       Wed. November 6, 2019 @ 7pm

10.  Meeting Adjourned at 7:46 p.m.

                                                                                Motion:  Bruce Deg

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